Filipino style spaghetti dish is an adaptation of a classic Italian spaghetti with meat sauce with a local Filipino twist. It has a pronounced sweet flavor thanks to the red sauce made with tomatoes and sweetened with banana ketchup or sugar. Another thing that sets this ultimate filipino comfort dish apart besides sweet taste of sauce is the addition of Filipino-style hotdogs to the meat sauce. And there is melty grated cheese on top.

It is a comfort food for the most Filipinos, and kids there go bonkers over this dish. There is something magical about the combination of sweet, tangy, savory tomato and ketchup sauce with starchy, delicate tasting spaghetti and salty pieces of hot dogs all topped with melted cheese.

The steps to Filipino Spaghetti is pretty identical to making classic spaghetti bolognese.

The ground beef is first browned with fragrant vegetables like onions, garlic and bell peppers and then simmered in tomato sauce tother with aromatic herbs until all the flavors meld in together and the sauce thickens. The recipe is pretty flexible and you can substitute the ingredients for the ones that you have. If you can’t find banana ketchup, use tomato ketchup and enhance it with a teaspoon or so of sugar to achieve that delicious balance of sweet and savory Filipino spaghetti is known for. Same goes for the red Filipino hot dogs, you can substitute for regular beef franks instead or use ham.

This dish is very easy to make and is an interesting interpretation of the traditional Italian dish. Expand your horizons with this exotic take on an old classic.