Everything cooks so much faster with a convenience of an instant pot. This chicken fried rice made in an instant pot is a delicious and nutritious meal that is quick enough for a hectic midweek dinner.

Everything is done in one pot for a breezy clean up and virtually no mess and dirty dishes as well. Succulent pieces of chicken are mixed with rice and veggies and a simple soy sauce based sauce.

The ingredients list is very basic as well with most items probably already in your fridge and pantry. Hearty and comforting fried rice is ready in less than an hour, so tell me it is not magic.

For the best results and the taste I recommend using white rice and fresh chicken cut into pieces. What rice has a very subtle taste so it carries out the flavors of chicken, veggies and sauce beautifully without overpowering. You really taste all of the ingredients, plus it cooks faster than brown of wild rice.

Another delicious suggestion is to scramble the eggs separately on a pan and then throw in with the fried rice before serving. This way the eggs will not disintegrate into the rice.

This carb comforting dish is always a huge hit. It is filling and satisfying making it a complete meal filled with proteins, carbs and vegetables.

Follow the steps to make instant pot chicken fried rice.