Elevate up your Game night routine  with these Keto baked chicken wings. There’s nothing better than crisp, flavorful skin on a tender piece of chicken  not just any chicken piece, rich and indulgent chicken wings which makes this recipe a double winner.

Your favorite pub food is made in the comfort of your own home and is also keto diet approved. There is no flour or any kind of breading on the wings at all. They are naked but there is a trick to make them perfectly crispy.

The key ingredients is the baking powder( not soda). It helps crisp ups the wings in the oven. Mix it with fragrant spices like garlic powder and paprika for a quick and easy seasoning.

After chicken wings are done coat them with a mixture of buffalo sauce and melted butter for an irresistible snack.

The recipe is simple and pretty straightforward. It is easy, quick, and really doesn’t make much of a mess thanks to the baking method.

Chicken wings are always everyones favorite.  Serve them with any of your favorite dipping sauces to really wow the crowd. They are a quick and budget friendly appetizer that always comes out delicious and bursting with flavors. Thanks to the skin and bones in the wings they have the best possible chicken flavor.

Follow the easy steps for the southern fried chicken wings.