Lemon Chess Pie is a classic southern recipe you will not easily forget once you try it. It’s actually quite simple to make and doesn’t take a lot of time, so if you have a holiday celebration coming up, you might want to consider including it on the menu.

With its fresh, lemony taste and creamy custard filling, this pie will leave you wanting more if you try just one piece.

In this recipe, I’m using store bought crust. The taste of the filling is pretty intense, so a simple, unassuming crust will go perfect with it, but, of course, if you’re more keen on making your own crust, go ahead and use your favorite crust recipe.

There are a few variations of this pie’s topping. You can make a crispy crumbly topping, like in the recipe, or you can add meringue. I really love the meringue variation, because not only does it add to the flavor and texture, it also brings out an aesthetic aspect. So, if you love having something that not only tastes good, but also looks like it was made by gods, on your table, meringue is your option for sure.

Serve this pie with coffee after dinner and it will be a grand final accord to any celebratory meal.