Many people I meet and talk to about food and cooking at home tend to think that salmon usually involves complicated methods of cooking. I don’t know where this belief stems from, but I have to say it is surprisingly not so. Even salt-water cooking salmon is incredibly fast and easy.

This pan-fried salmon disapproves of this notion entirely. It is super fast and easy to cook and using this recipe you will have a wholesome and nutritious dinner that tastes delicious in a matter of minutes!

Here are a few tips for this recipe. Use fresh parsley only. Seriously, the fish cooks so quickly, the dried stuff won’t have enough time to even slightly moisten up. Cook by the look! Salmon is ready when it starts to flake lightly and there’s no raw pink in the middle. It’s a matter of minutes!

If your salmon is a bit undercooked, it’s fine. Put it under foil for 5-6 minutes when it’s still hot and the middle will cook even with that much heat. You can easily substitute butter with olive oil in this recipe add a bit of white wine after you done searing or a little cream, up to you. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Just follow the easy steps below.