My grandma made this dish and called it salmon patties. I think I’m just fancying up the name, but the truth is, even though I’m a bit used to considering salmon a food that’s slightly on the posh side, these croquettes are simple, down-to-brown-earth, delicious homemade party food.

They are packed with flavor from canned salmon, cajun seasoning and veggies, and they are crispy with Panko bread crumbs. These salmon croquettes are an excellent party finger food. 

I mostly use canned salmon for this, but you can also use leftover baked or poached salmon if for some reason you happen to have any. Another tip is, if you want your crust to be extra thick, use a double layer of egg and breadcrumbs. Just dip the croquettes in beaten egg again, after you do the breadcrumbs coating, and then repeat the breadcrumbs.

You can deep fry those puppies but they turn out well in a pan as well. These croquettes can be served with a variety of dips, homemade or store bought. My favorite is blue cheese or ranch dip for those, but they are also excellent with garlicky creamy dill dips. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Just follow the simple instructions below to cook it!