No one except for me is a big fan of fish in my family, but salmon is such a great, healthy food and it cooks so fast, that I’m always trying to introduce new ways of cooking salmon to my family table. I have to say, salmon is slowly working its way into my family’s tastes, because tentative questions like ‘so, how are you cooking salmon this week?’ do appear.

This poached salmon has a wonderful taste, combined with herbs, such as fennel and bay leaves, and salsa verde, it becomes a dish worthy of a gourmet cooking magazine. 

Salmon meat is very lean and flavorful and it boasts an abundance of vital nutrients such as omega fatty acids. When cooked it’s soft and flakey and it’s easy to serve in a piece or lightly shredded for salads or pastas. 

Poaching is a perfect way of cooking salmon. First, there’s very little chance that you overdo it. Second, low-heat methods work best for salmon because they produce extra tender, juicy meat that soaks up all the flavors of herbs you cook it with.

And third, you are cooking without oil. Salmon has enough of its own fats, but most of them are actually very good and for you, such as essential fatty acids, so don’t be afraid of the fat count on the calorie table. 

Serve this dish with young potatoes, asparagus or steamed and lightly buttered veggies. Add the salsa verde for an extra boost of flavor. Follow the simple instructions below, and I hope you enjoy it!