Shake and bake chicken is an old fashion, classic breading mix that can be easily recreated at home. Just like the name implies pieces of chicken are shaken in a shake and bake mixture and baked to crispy perfection. This is the recipe for the made from scratch shake and bake breading that is very easy to make but is way less expensive then the store bought mix.

It also has less sodium, no preservatives and is overall so much better. Extra flavorful breading coating every bit of chicken that is then baked. It is crispy, beautiful golden brown on the outside and tender and moist on the inside. Delicious breading acts like an insulator locking all the juices inside the chicken.

Shake and bake is simply a mixture of breadcrumbs, herbs and aromatic seasoning with an addition of oil. Very easy just to throw everything together and whisk in a bowl with a handful of basic ingredients you already probably have in your pantry.

I usually use the whole chicken that is cut in pieces, coat it in shake and bake homemade mixture and bake in the oven. Bone in, skin on pieces are very flavorful and the breading flavors really complement poultry taste.

Chicken is always melt in your mouth tender and loaded with flavors from the coating. But you can also use shake and bake breading on pork chops, fish and other meats. Follow simple steps and the list of the ingredients below for this recipe.