Jerky meat is great as a snack. It’s cooked without any excess of oil, it’s pretty lean, filling, it goes great with drinks and cocktails. I love substituting less healthy snacks such as chips, with jerky. And if you have homemade jerky, it’s doubly great, because you know exactly what you put in it when you cooked it.

This salmon jerky is absolutely out of this world. I usually cook it for big game nights or movie nights, when we have beers and want something spicy or salty to go with it and I don’t really want to gorge on potato chips or nachos.

Salmon jerky is lean, deliciously flavored and oh so, so good with the lager. The only thing to keep in mind for it is that it takes quite a bit of time to marinate and to achieve the right degree of being cooked and dry, so make sure you allow some ahead time and planning if you want to serve this jerky for a specific planned event.

This recipe is basic and you can configure your own seasoning combination. Spices that work best for me with salmon are dill, regular black pepper, ginger, dried onions, sesame seeds, lemon, a dash of cayenne if you like it on the hotter side. 

I also recommend using leaner kinds of salmon, such as trout, for this jerky, because salmon kinds that are fattier dry slower and will be pretty oily. However, I know people who like their jerky to be exactly that, so it’s completely up to you.

Follow the instructions below to cook this salmon jerky and I hope you enjoy it!