Whenever I make this strawberry pie on a summer day, I always feel like a hobbit, it brightens my day so much that I feel like I’m in some kind of a summer fairy land, eating the most delicious pie ever and enjoying the best food in the world like hobbits do.

This strawberry pie is made with Jell-o and the filling is no-bake, so the strawberries retain their freshness and bright red color. A cut out piece of this pie looks so beautiful, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

One thing you should take care is making the crust. As the filling is no bake, you will have to bake the crust separately. Take a round of store bought crust or make your own using your fave crust recipe, distribute it over the baking pan and bake with beans or baking weights inside.

Then, after you’re done with the baking and the filling, you have several options. The simples is, of course, to decorate it with dollops of whipped cream. Or you can do the hard way and decorate with a prebaked dough net thus fooling the possible eaters into thinking that it’s a baked pie.

I hope you enjoy this pie and in brightens quite a few of your days.