I really, really love and appreciate recipes made simple with various shortcuts. Today’s life is so hectic that sometimes spending a few hours to cook a dessert that well be eaten in minutes is just a luxury I cannot often afford.

This Chocolate Cherry Cake is every bit a luxurious dessert where the flavor of cherry filling and homemade chocolate frosting is quick and easy, it won’t take much of your time, but it will bring you a lot of pleasure.

The main reason why I appreciate this cake is because it uses all the ingredients I can buy in store without making from scratch and manages to taste divine.
Of course, you can make the entire thing from scratch, if you’re not really into using cake mixes or canned pie fillings.

I also tried making it with fresh pitted cherries and I have to say, I’d add a bit more flour or starch in this case because when cooked, fresh cherries give out a lot of juice. It provides for a wonderful flavor though.
The only thing I make from scratch in this recipe is the frosting. But then again, it’s still simple and quick when made from scratch, so I don’t really spend too much time.

The result is smooth, chocolate-drenched, cherry-tasting beautiful cake I’m proud to serve to the most important people in my life. Have it with coffee or a glass of aperitif, or with tea or just by itself as a dessert.

I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do!