I often come across cake recipes that concentrate on filling and decoration and assembly and brush off the actual cake matter, redirecting you to using some cake base recipe you already know.

After I’ve learned to make this yellow cake recipe, I search no further whenever any other recipe calls for yellow cake base. It’s just perfect, simple to make from scratch and it has extremely fine, smooth texture and coloring.

You can use this yellow cake base for round or sheet cakes, you can use the batter for baking cupcakes or basically anything that needs a cake base. It’s perfect with whipped cream and fruity fillings, it’s grand for layered cakes and it holds very well if you pile layers of custard or meringue on top.

It’s wonderful smooth texture depends on the quality of butter and eggs. Its flavor comes from vanilla extract and the butter. If you want to be really fancy about it, I’d recommend using vanilla bean stick instead of the butter. It will also give the batter a cute black dotting.

I would also recommend not giving up on buttermilk for this recipe. I know that not everyone likes the taste of the actual buttermilk, but trust me, the sourness will be gone when baking, while it will make the cake extra moist and fluffy.

Try this cake as your cake base and I’m sure you’re going to stick with it!