This chocolate pie is an all-time classic. It has everything people love and are looking for in a chocolate pie. A tender, gooey chocolate filling, crispy crust and a fluffy meringue on top. 

This chocolate pie is as pretty as it is delicious. If you’re going to a party and need to bring a pie with you, showing up at anyone’s doorstep with this pie in hand will cause smiles and penty of happy faces.

The making process is easy. You can make your own pie crust, if you have a favorite recipe and time to make it, or you can use ready-made pie shell. This recipe calls for the latter.

Please note that you don’t have to bake the shell separately before baking the filling, which makes the making process even faster and easier.  Also, when you prepare the filling, it will require you to always keep an eye on it and constantly stir it. This is important, because this will prevent any clubs in the filling from forming. 

I also recommend beating the egg whites for the meringue with an electric mixer, as it’s much, much faster and won’t be so hard on your wrists. The detailed walkthrough is below, and I hope you enjoy both the baking and the eating!