This recipe for homemade fried honey walnut shrimp is just like your favorite take out restaurant fare but made not in restaurant but in the comfort of your own home. Golden crispy fried shrimp tossed with soft boiled walnuts and flavorful sweet mouthwatering honey sauce. The classic Chinese combination of salty, sea flavored shrimp, sweet luscious sauce and earthy walnuts is unbeatable. Now I’m gonna tell you how to make this perfect chinese honey walnut shrimp.

The creamy honey sauce takes the center stage in this dish with tangy mayonnaise mixed with condensed milk and honey.

And with acidity in rice vinegar cutting the richness of the sweet taste of the sauce wonderfully. This sauce recipe is stellar. And very easy and quick to make (it takes just a few minutes to cook the best sauce). The shrimp (you can use prawns) is coated in the mixture of beaten egg whites and rice flour and then fried to a beautiful, golden crispy, perfection. Caramelized crispy walnuts are slightly boiled in sweet sugar water to soften the texture. The easy sauce is made by mixing all the ingredients (mayonnaise, milk, rice vinegar and honey) and then everything is tossed together for a wonderful, tasty walnut shrimp dish. It is intended to be served right away so the fried shrimp stays crispy. Heavy, robust mayonnaise based, sauce will turn the shrimp soggy and gloopy if not served imminently after preparation. And we do not want this to happen.

This cozy, crispy, sweetened with honey sauce shrimp is a wonderful appetizer for your favorite Asian inspired main corse. But you can also enjoy it with a side of white or fried rice or combine with your favorite vegetables for a lighter meal. Timeless combination of sweet and salty that is so dominant in Chinese cuisine is really shining through in this dish. This honey walnut shrimp has much enough calories, but it is worth it.

Honey walnut shrimp has a perfect balance of flavors and textures and is a huge hit. Step out of you comfort shrimp cocktail appetizer zone and surprise you friends with this bursting with flavors good shrimp that is also so easy to make with this no-fail and simply one of the best honey walnut shrimp recipes that will be your favorite. Enjoy!