Do you like healthy shrimp salad recipes? This shrimp salad recipe is another great find of the classic protein, crunchy, fresh vegetables and mayonnaise based dressing combination. It is exceptionally good and when served on a warm buttered bun might even rival the one and only lobster roll. Shrimp salad recipes are very affordable and easy to make as well. It also takes just a few minutes to make so you don’t need to waste much time to cook perfect dish for lunch or dinner.

Boiled and chilled juicy shrimp is mixed with such classic salad ingredients as crunchy celery and zesty red onions, with fresh dill and homemade mayo dressing. Delicious and flavorful pairing of tastes and textures. Shrimp is moist and delicately flavored with chopped crunchy celery and bold red onions. Dill adds an unbeatable freshness while made from scratch dressing is creamy, tangy and savory all in one. Except celery and onion you can add lettuce, green bell pepper or other favorite veggies.

This salad recipe is a great way to use up that bag of frozen shrimp you bought on sale and it has been sitting in the back of your freezer forgotten. You can also use fresh shrimp of any size, but no pre-cooked shrimp allowed. Boiling shrimp in a lemon infused water and then dunking it in an ice bath is an essential step in making shrimp salad. Lemon water really amps up the flavors together with aromatic fresh dill. Those are must have ingredients. Once the salad is made I recommend leaving it covered in the fridge for a couple of hours for all the flavors to meld in together and for the dressing to be absorbed by the shrimp.

This delicious salad is great when served on a bed of fresh lettuce for a healthy low carb meal.

I personally love stuffing a buttery croissant or French bread or toast with butter to the brim with it, it is just heavenly. You can also add boiled pasta of your choice to it and turn it into a wonderful side dish of shrimp pasta salad. The sky is the limit. This shrimp salad is delicious, light, healthy and nutritious. A great idea for a quick midweek lunch or a barbecue appetizer served with crackers.