One of my dearest childhood memories is my mom making the split pea soup in the kitchen. It made the whole kitchen smell just amazing. Split pea soup is definitely one of my favorite. Thick satisfying texture of fell-apart peas, added sweetness of carrots and smoky salty flavor of ham. You can’t beat this classic combination. Split pea soup is perfect with extra herbs depends on your preferences, it will be delicious, satisfying and full of vitamins. You can vary essential ham and little bone, even leftover, it will give you salty flavor too. Salt, pepper or any other your favorite spice and seasoning – and cook is almost finished. Carrots are great veggies but you can equally use plenty celery instead, it lends taste more freshness without any aromatics. No substitute is approached, you can add croutons for extra saltiness фтв nutritional value.
Use extra fresh or dried bay leaves. After cooking your family will consume any dinner serving quantity including licking the dishes.

This is my go-to recipe for leftover Easter and Christmas holiday hams with bone.  Pea soup recipe is absolutely foolproof and simply delicious. It will guarantee comfort when served with bread and butter.

This particular soup is made in slow cooker which is crazy easy. Just 5 minutes of prep time, then put all the ingredients together, turn it on and walk away. It is a real find for a busy mom on- the -go. And you possibly can’t compare fresh homemade soup with the canned stuff that is usually high in sodium and packed with additives and preservatives.

It is also a highly nutritious soup. Peas are packed with outstanding health benefits. Protein rich they are also a goldmine of fiber. They even help manage blood sugar levels. They are also crazy affordable. I usually buy them in bulk at the grocery store.

You can use this recipe as a base to make it your own. You can add fresh seasonal herbs of all kinds to give it even more depth of flavor. You can use a combination of green and yellow split peas for a more complex flavor and beautiful color.

You can also make it vegetarian or not with equally great results. Just add smoked paprika for full body smoky flavor and portobello mushrooms or even smoked tofu instead of ham.

This a an irresistibly delicious, comforting and filling meal that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.