Boiling chicken breast may seem like a task from basic cooking 1.0 course, and yet, depending on what you cook the chicken for, the duration of boiling may vary.

Method Time
Chicken Breast In A Saucepan 20 Minutes
Chicken Broth In A Saucepan 1 Hour
Microwave 10 Minutes
Slow Cooker 1 Hour
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The greatest difference is, whether you need the chicken breast or the broth. If you need the chicken breast – to use in sandwiches, salads or you’re just boiling it as the least calorie laden option of cooking chicken, put it in boiling water and set to medium-low heat and cook for at least 20 minutes.

If you need the broth, put the chicken into cold water, make sure it’s completely covered with water and set to low heat. Boil it for at least an hour so that it gives away as much flavor as possible and your broth is not too thin.

Another thing that can factor in the boiling time for chicken breast is the size of the meat piece and how many breasts you are cooking at once. The figures above are given for a medium-sized chicken breast, so if yours is on the larger side, add at least 5 to 10 minutes to the cooking time.

If you are cooking several breasts at once, add another 10 minutes to the time.

You can also use microwave or slow cooker to boil chicken breast. Microwave boiling will take about 10 minutes for a medium-sized chicken breast, provided that it’s entirely covered with water.  For slow cooker, set the time for at least an hour.

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